Paradigm is a Bronx, NY based men’s clothing company founded by Jean Berbere in 2017. Jean’s experiences as a student at Syracuse University led him to look to make a shift in the production and consumption of apparel. While studying in the “rust belt” region of America his focus on political theory saw him learning about the economic, environmental, and social impact of fashion and globalization.

Paradigm focuses on premium apparel, and we strive to reduce exploitation in the global supply chain by working with manufacturers that pay their workers a decent living wage and provide them with benefits. Many of our manufacturers are based in the United States and Canada where labor laws are much more stringent than in some of the poorer nations of the world.

Paradigm’s design ethos pulls references from nostalgic Americana and recontextualizes them within a contemporary framework. We believe in reproducing these classic American staples with accuracy and precision. Our goal is to produce high quality garments that will last long and will tell the story of the people who manufacture them and those who wear them.